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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

So much time has passed since my last post.  I think it is time I began to post again, so here goes.   The best thing that has happened is the birth of my first grandbaby, Nick, in July of 2011.  He is absolutely the light of my life!  Sweet, rambunctious, happy, loud, loving, tender, smart, and I could go on and on!  And if Nick isn't special enough, we have just announced that our family will be growing again in January of 2015.  Nick will soon have a baby brother or sister!

I have been busy with my photography, but never busy enough!  I will try over the next few weeks to put together some albums of the work I have done and try to give you an idea of what I have been doing and where I have been.  

One thing I have discovered is that I don't have to leave my yard to find plenty of photography subjects.  Depending on the time of year, there are many kinds of birds and insects along with flowers and garden plants.  By now I think my neighbors must be used to the "crazy lady" who walks around with a camera in her hand all the time.  No one has reported me for spying (that I know of) when I'm hiding in my blind in the backyard snapping shots at the birds.  The two photos above were taken in my yard.  Patience is the key when working with wildlife.  I often set up what I think will be the perfect setting for a shot only to sit in the blind for hours getting nothing.  That's when I regroup and try something new.  Often more than once.  I will try to get some shots of a few of my set-ups and post them for you to see.  I'd also love to hear about any ideas you might want to share.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Waiting for Spring

The warmer days are making me dream of spring.  I am looking forward to chasing the bees and butterflies and hummingbirds in my yard with my camera.   I stopped by the "daffodil fields" between Winterville and Ayden and took a few shots this afternoon.  I couldn't help but dream about how much more fun it will be next year when I have my little grandson to photograph among the daffodils. 

If you love to watch ruby throated hummingbirds like I do, here is a link to a hummingbird migration map:    I enjoy keeping up with their northward migration and trying to predict when I will spot my first hummer of the season.  My mother and I watch our feeders and try to be the first to call the other to announce the arrival of the tiny visitors.  So far, she has seen the first one every year.  Maybe this year it will be my turn.

Just to get you in the mood for spring, here are a few old photos of a bumble bee on an azalea in my back yard.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Trip to Oriental, NC

On Saturday, February 19, my friend Nancy and I went to Oriental, NC to practice our photography skills.  It was a beautiful, sunny, windy day with temperatures around 70.  Because it is still too early for the tourist season, it was the perfect time to take pictures without a lot of distractions.  The photos above were taken of an abandoned boat and boat house in a little canal near Bayboro.  Nancy spotted it as we were crossing a bridge.  We turned around, and she pulled her truck off the road and we proceded to set up our equipment.  The sun was in our faces that morning which made it a little difficult to get that perfect shot.  We took several pictures and decided to stop again on the way home when the sun would be behind us.  That turned out to be a good idea as the afternoon photos were much easier to capture. 

The next photos were taken in Oriental.  We visited one of Nancy's relatives who owns and operates a marina and he recommended some places where we might get some good shots as well as a couple of places where we could get a good lunch.  We enjoyed walking around the docks and taking photos of the various boats and the equipment that went with them.  The two photos of sea gulls were just lucky shots.  I tried to lure them towards us by throwing pretzels into the water (it's all I had,) but the gulls weren't in the mood for posing.  Out of about 20 shots, these two were the only ones I managed to get in focus.

Besides the friendship, one of the best things about going on a shoot with someone else is the learning that takes place.  In my case, I think I do most of the learning and Nancy does most of the teaching.  She has been into photography longer than I have and she is very patient with me when I ask questions about camera settings.  She also has a creative eye when it comes to composing a shot, so I always learn a lot when we "shoot" together.

Getting Started

I am starting this blog at the suggestion of my sister.  I will be sharing my photography here and invite you to make comments and suggestions.  I welcome constructive criticism!